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Welcome to A Rosie Place!   

Our Vision:  A Rosie Place is a home where caring and supportive people celebrate the gift of life, embrace human diversity, and empower families of medically fragile children.

Our Mission:  We will provide a safe and nurturing haven for medically fragile children while giving family members periods of relief from the demands of full-time caregiving.

A Rosie Place is an advocacy community of compassionate professionals - caring business men and women, lay persons, parents and youth - motivated by an unwavering mission to embrace and empower medically fragile children and their families. Our services incorporate a family-centered philosophy, the hallmark of our vision.

A Rosie Place was designed and fashioned as a safe HAVEN, a warm and welcoming "home away from home." We envision becoming the leading center for fragile children in Indiana and trust that parents will identify our home as theirs, acknowledge A Rosie Place community as extended family, and recognize our services as an indispensable element of their community support system.

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Why A Rosie Place?

A message from parents of medically fragile children.

We all want the best for our children. For most parents, that means good friends, a good education, and good health. Parents of medically fragile children set the bar differently. We want our sick or injured children to be comfortable, perhaps to recognize us, and simply to live happily until tomorrow.

Some of us began our journey with a medically fragile child at the hospital when he or she was born. Others endured the shock of a healthy toddler suddenly brain-injured after a fall into a pool, or a teenager paralyzed from a car accident.  Whatever the cause, our lives changed forever.  Procedures, medications, machines and therapies are everyday occurrences. We are busy repairing our relationships frayed by these circumstances, while trying to make ends meet in the face of high medical costs.

Without some type of out-of-home care, the unrelieved stress of caring for a medically fragile child tears at the fabric of our families.  We have hope, however, that through A Rosie Place we will once again enjoy some of life's everyday gifts.

Real Examples of Families who Need A Rosie Place